It’s not a new idea, business is, and always will be, all about the people. Relationships drive business, and relationships built on trust and mutual respect drive world-changing innovation. Melvin brings a wealth of knowledge from his decades in the industry. His experience is what drives our efforts and how we can excel in this field. Melvin loves to build things, and he has spent his entire life honing that skill. But what Melvin really loves to build is relationships. With our clients, with our vendors, and with our employees. Because good relationships lead to good things.


Our Founder and CEO have spent his life building more than just commercial development. He spent it building a knowledge base rooted in every aspect of commercial construction. With boots on the ground experience, Melvin has realistic expectations of the people he works with at every stage of the process.

Melvin served as US Development Director for McDonald’s Corporation. As a U.S. Development Director, his role combined providing construction direction, executing national program rollouts, strategic sourcing, and people development. Melvin played a vital role in supporting Construction, Real Estate, and Construction Supply Chain teams throughout the U.S., accelerating new development and modernization as part of the corporate initiative Bigger Bolder Vision.

Prior to joining McDonald’s, Melvin served in the U.S. Navy Reserve, Construction Battalion (Seabees). He has an array of construction and development experience in educational, retail, and industrial manufacturing. Previous organizations that Melvin has led construction/development projects include Proctor & Gamble, Mead Johnson, Chicago Public Schools, and Waffle House Corporation. Melvin graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree and from Northwestern University, Weinberg College of Arts & Science, Leading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. He serves on the board of Michigan State University, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Alumni Association. He is involved in his community and is an active supporter of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC).


Enrichment Partners is working to become the general contracting company of the future. A contractor that not only welcomes diversity, but understands that being inclusive is not automatic. It takes work, and it’s work we are willing to do, because the results are what set us apart from our competition. We promise to be on the cutting edge of technology in all aspects of our construction process, without failing to ensure that technology is responsible. Most importantly, we promise to build partnerships with everyone who is part of or working with our team. Enrichment Partners wants to build something better, both inside and out.

Core Values

Each construction and contracting project at Enrichment Partners is approached with focus on the same core values. Trust and integrity are among the most important, but trust is earned, and earning trust takes consistency. Consistency with our word, in our work and with the product we are all working to complete. Consistent, quality builds is our goal and you will see that in each and every one of our projects, and more importantly, in each and every one of our partners.


When Melvin set out to create a better kind of commercial construction operation, he wanted to build something that was inclusive to all people. At Enrichment partners we ensure that our teams are made up of individuals from different backgrounds. With these varying points of view, we are able to approach things with a fresh perspective and ultimately solve problems in ways we never thought possible. We are also fiercely focused on continuing education and creating an environment conducive to learning. Our aim is to employ the most well balanced and diverse group of people that are all working together to build amazing things.

Enriched Development Through our Differences

The architecture, engineering, and construction industries are suffering from a severe shortage of qualified and trained staff. Many companies struggle to find skilled labor at all levels in the industry. However, the minority business enterprise (MBE) segment provides rich and untapped opportunities. If fostered and mentored, the industry could go a long way to fill the existing resource gap.

Through a strategic partnership and mentoring with Enrichment Partners, LLC (a new MBE), CPH, Inc. (architecture & engineering consulting firm), and Stansell Properties & Development, LLC (general contractor) is changing the narrative and increasing capacity in the industry. While on this journey, we thoroughly understand we have a responsibility to reach and pull others forward. This is the true power of mentorship and the meaning of “Together We Are Strong”.


Enrichment Partners is proud to be part of a professional association that encourages giving back, supporting diversity-inclusion-equity, and supporting the development / construction industry for everyone. Together we are Stronger.


We are looking for qualified, experienced individuals to join our team. At Enrichment Partners we aim to create an atmosphere of inclusion, because we know that brilliance can be found anywhere and come from anyone. Check out our careers page and come and see what the next generation of a company looks like.